The Top Five Reasons You Should Attend Lansing Maker Week

Lansing Maker Week is one of the biggest events of…

By Jesse Flores


Lansing Maker Week is one of the biggest events of the fall! Sponsored by several organizations including Leap, MSU Innovation Center, the Lansing Maker Network, and many more, this week serves to inspire innovation, show you cool new things, and introduce you to the Maker movement, right here in Lansing. Here’s why you should go:

1. Discover New Places

There are several incubators in Lansing and some of them (Allen Market Place, The Runway) are participating in Maker Week. This is an opportunity to check them out. In addition, The Hive, a new pre-incubator space at MSU is open to visitors, as is the Lansing Maker Space. If you’ve never been to any of these places, this is your chance to check them out!

2. Meet Other Makers

There is a growing community of people in Lansing who are interested in – and working on – building cool products. This is your opportunity to meet other makers, check out their projects, and maybe find your own inspiration. One of the best places to do this will be this weekend’s Startup Weekend: Maker Edition, the first of its kind in the Midwest.

3. Encourage Kids to Get Involved

A funny thing about kids: they’re naturally creative, innovative, and interested in making cool things. This week is your opportunity to take that to the next level; kids can get exposed to older tools and technologies and newer ones, such as 3D Printers. Innovation and creativity is a vital skill for the 21st Century, this can help your kids keep an edge.

4. Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Side

Ever thought about building a product or starting a business? This weekend’s startup weekend can help with that. But, startups and product development are a core part of the Maker DNA. Many of the presentations this week (for instance, Joe Carr’s “Birth of a Product” keynote) can help you take the next step to fulfilling that dream.

5. See Cool Things

At many of the places hosting an event, there will be live demos and exhibits where you can see and try new things. For instance, The Broad Museum, Impression 5, and the East Lansing Public Libraries each have cool exhibits where you can learn about things like 3D printing, try new food, and/or make cool stuff.

This inaugural Maker Week promises to be one of the coolest events to happen in recent history. We hope to see you at some of the events! And, if you’re at them, please share your experience with others #LansingMakerWeek.

For a full list of events visit their website.

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